Bolt - Fatal Error

Error opening file

Could not lock /data/sites/web/sportshophammebe/releases/20181011095751-release-21/htdocs/app/cache/config_cache.php for writing!

Try logging in with your ftp-client and check to see if it is chmodded to be readable by the webuser (ie: 777 or 766, depending on the setup of your server).

Current path: /data/sites/web/sportshophammebe/releases/20181011095751-release-21/htdocs/web.

This is a fatal error. Please fix the error, and refresh the page. Bolt can not run, until this error has been corrected.
Make sure you've read the instructions in the documentation for help. If you can't get it to work, post a message on our forum, and we'll try to help you out. Be sure to include the exact error message you're getting!